"Why not co#o" is the phrase that empowers this new proposal that will be for sale in your store your virtual store.

"Deciding to leave the comfort zone has been one of the most challenging decisions I have had to face. Being a perfectionist is good, but this quality went from being an ally to being a dilator. Why not co#o became my personal emblem ", explains the designer.

The collection consists of 24 pieces between sets of pants, skirts, blouses, shirts and the usual armor that are part of the designer's personal stamp. Textures and fabrics ideal for the spring weather, without leaving behind the elements in metal and the casual and sophisticated touch that characterize Belkola.

The palette of light and combinable colors adapts perfectly to the message. Black and white that represent duality, strength and inner peace; the pastel pink, puts the touch of humility, delicacy and salmon and fuchsia tones that emphasize the evolution of her style as a designer.

With this new proposal Belkola will definitely launch its seal to the Anglo-Saxon market after having worked with the firm Bvlgari in 2017, and it is also its business card for digital fashion trade through its virtual store www.belkolavasquez.com where it will also offer the products that are already emblematic of their brand, such as zipper bags and accessories and other accessories.

"Why Not is also a personal battle cry, a message I want to spread," explains Belkola. It is fashion to empower yourself, not only with your wardrobe but also with your life, it is a council, it is a request, it is an order! "You start applying all the knowledge instead of seeing what others do. Now it's your turn to be on the other side, why Not. Leave the fear of criticism and be judged why not co#o!".







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Salud por l o vivido, por lo que transita y por el fabulso futuro inmediato. Siempre observando con cautela el futuro.  Sé que soy Beloka. Pero tambien se que lo que soy esta en constante evolución. Amo lo que hago, porque lo hago con amor, con pasion y sobre todo, de corazon"|| Photo @taurus.studios | AD @ed_rosario | MUA @sulennymakeup || #fashion #moda #lovewhatido #fashionisart
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